The Steel Cocoon

Раздел библиотеки:О войне
Язык: Русский
Год: 1957

Life aboard the WW II destroyer AJAX whose routine is flawed by an officer-enlisted man gulf, autocratic actions, fatal accidents, and men going «Asiatic,» even psychotic.

THE sick bay of the destroyer Ajax on her shakedown cruise, the war seemed remote to Tyler Williams. A civilian in the uniform of a pharmacist’s mate, Williams was a member of the crew; yet by the special nature of his duties he was a man apart. To whom then did he belong? To his superior, that strange and perhaps dangerous man, Chief Bullitt? To himself? To the men of the crew, so vulnerably dependent upon one another? By the time the shakedown was over and the Ajax was ready for war, Tyler Williams would find his answer.

This is a story of the rigorous training, raucous shore leaves and dramatic emergencies that mold men into a fighting crew. With humor, zest and compassion, The Steel Cocoon looks deep into the special world that is life on a Navy ship.

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